Extension of exploitation time of equipment and maintenance

The company “FIXIT IT COMPANY” provides services of extending the term of operation of the technological components of the equipment of economic entities and technical support. This service is the initial consisting of diagnostic service and restoration of the manufacturing equipment.
In the era of globalization of the world economy, planning systems and sales of the technological product by global players, the rapid development of this sector of the economy and economic imbalances in the world economy, financial market shocks, crisis events, led to a change in consumer requirement, to sales fall and many negative phenomena, and when economic entities are faced with problems, global suppliers of a technological equipment refuse to support software and hardware maintenance based on the fact that exploitation term has expired, which makes the users update the technology. Negative factors affecting economic status of economic entities make them direct the investment capital to the fixed assets in the current accounts (increase in tax burden, cost of credit capital, etc.). Falling of the sales of goods and services of economic entities increases risks and it affects on giving credit resources by banks, so in this way it doesn’t allow to update production capacities. This service provided by the company “FIXIT IT COMPANY” gives an opportunity and resources to partner companies, within the framework of anticrisis recovery, that’s to say to extend the exploitation term of high-tech equipment components, thereby to create conditions for the preparation of replacement of an obsolete equipment.